Can you help me trace my Paternal Grand Father?

I have successfully traced my paternal line back to the 1600’s. However, one piece of information I have singularly failed to find is what happened to my Paternal Grand Father Walter Reynolds.

If you follow the link you will see that he left Cornwall bound for Windsor, Ontario, Canada in July 1923. He then left there by train bound for Painesdale, Michigan, USA in August 1923.

According to the Immigration Record his passae was paid for by The Copper Range Mining Company in Painsdale. Sadly, despite getting local assistance in my search, I have not managed to find any trace of him actually arriving in Painesdale. Where he lived or worked. The trail has gone completely dead.

I would dearly love to find out what happened to him. At least where he died and is burried.

According to family rumour, he emigrated soon after my father was born but died soon after arrival in a mining accident. However, this was rumoured to have happened in Australia, a fact wich I now know to be false. So the rumour can not be relied upon for accuracy.

His wife, My Grand Mother remarried in 1930. How significant that is I don’t know. Apart from the fact that a period would have to be left before he could be declared dead to enable her to remarry.

I have searched the death records in the USA, Canada and Australia (just in case) for many years after his arrival but can’t find any that come remotely close to the data I have on Walter.

Thanks for reading this far. If you can offer any information or ideas to helpme get to the bottom of what happened to Walter after leaving Canada I would love to hear from you.




Alison Brown (nee Reynolds)

Dear Clive,
Congratulations on your amazing research of your branch of the Reyolds family History. I desperately want to find out who my grandfather, Richard Walter Reynolds, born around 1893, was and where he went. All I know is that his father was called Walter Richard Reynolds and he married my grandmother, May Dark, in April 1920 and was present for the birth of my father, also Richard, in March 1921. According to my late grandmother he left soon afterwards and she raised my father alone.

We have found no birth certificate for him and he is not listed in either the 1901 or the 1911 census. So many Reynolds seem to have gone to the US and Canada and we have to conclude he was one of them, maybe even born in the US, and I shall never know the answers.

I have looked at your lists and I can find no leads so can only conclude that we are of different branches of Reynolds. Nevertheless well done on all your hard work, I wish I was as fortunate as my mother’s family history was easy.
Regards Alison Brown (nee Reynolds)

Hi Alison,
Thank you for your comments. It seems you have a bigger problem that me. At least I can trace mine from birth through to arrival in the USA. You seem unable to fond any information on your Grandfather. You say he married in 1920. Where did this take place? Do you have the certificate?
Does he appear on your fathers birth certificate? That would be my first line of enquiry.
Is your Reynolds line from Cornwall like mine? It is a common surname in that area but also appears elsewhere in the UK.
It’s really odd that he doesn’t appear in any census records from that time. Have you tried overseas records?
Cornish miners emigrated in droves to Canada, USA and Australia so he could appear in any of those.
There are several good forums and other onine resources offering help in these countries (the Ausies are particularly helpful).
It’s a fascinating but often frustrating hobby isn’t it? Don’t give up, I’m sure he must be recorded somewhere.
Let me know how you get on.
Clive Reynolds

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